In a lot of the photographer circles the last few months have all been about the almighty Instagram changing their formula from a linear feed to an algorithm based one. Everyone’s worrying about their engagement dropping off a cliff like Wile E. Coyote and the latest tool to boost engagement has been the Instagram Pod.

What’s a Pod you ask? In short, it’s 15 friends in a group message that let each other know when they post so that everyone can give their post some love. Want to know more? Check out this post on Rising Tide Society:

However, this honor system quickly breaks down as people post at all times of day and odds are, if you’re in one pod, you’re in 7. How are you supposed to keep up with 15 photographers posting multiple times a day in multiple groups? Eventually people stop commenting, and just post their work and disappear from their half of the commenting.

In comes my revolution, Time-based Instagram Pods. No more having to check 47 times a day cuz Chuck likes to post at all times of the day even though he never comments on my feed!

Start a pod with the clear instruction that you’re only to check it at one time a day. 9 AM and Noon are the two I’m currently doing.

I post my photo just before each time and then let my SuperPod know of the post and they’ll give it love. This is more effective since to get your photo to reach more people, it needs to let the algorithm know it’s interesting content! A high amount of comments and likes as soon as it gets posted is a surefire way to kickstart it’s engagement in the butt.

What’s working for you on Instagram? Are you in a Pod?

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