The number one problem I see photographer’s face is that they never seem to generate enough inquiries and leads to keep them booked and continually shooting. They’ll get a shoot or two, then there will be a gap until the next client comes calling. What’s going wrong? The pictures are looking great, but I still don’t have many clients!

You need to create a Call to Action when you’re posting your photos. The Call to Action is the final instruction to your audience that lets them know the singular thing you want them to do. Consider it a no obligation statement that removes or reduces the risk of them getting to know about your product or services.

Facebook builds them in with their ads and “Learn More”, but you should build in a Call to Action on your photography posts to let people know that you’re available to book and there’s a great reason why they should contact you!

In today’s world, we’re bombarded with photos and ads all day long. The average person will see 5,000 forms of advertisements in their normal day, just showing a great photo isn’t good enough. Even if it’s the best photo they see all day, once they leave your page or your Instagram feed, what entices them to come back or remember it?

So here’s some tips on how to INCREASE your engagement with your audience and get them knocking down your door to shoot a photo of them.

  • Build an experience for them. Tell them a story about the photo and captivate your audience.
  • Focus on your Unique Selling Point. What do you do better or differently than everyone else?
  • Leverage the Urge to Belong. Let’s face it, people love to have social proof and will follow what their friends do.
  • Take Advantage of FOMO. Let them know how LIMITED your spots are and that you’re booking NOW.
  • Know your devices, don’t ask for lengthy contact forms since over 90% of web traffic comes from the phone, keep it simple and you’ll get more inquiries!

Ultimately it’s about building your tribe and getting them engaged with your work. The more engaged your tribe is, the easier the rest of this will be.

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