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You’re probably wondering how I got here…

It all started in 2013 when Fuji announced that they were going to be discontinuing production on their FP-3000b instant film that I loved. I didn’t know at the time what I was going to do, but I had to do something, after buying a crate of it I decided to attempt my first ever 365 project with my take being that I was going to be shooting it all with Instant film.

There’s this special phenomenon I encountered with this film and my big boxy Mamiya Universal that I have never experienced on such a frequency before. When you carry around this giant camera for a year, people are intrigued and curious. By far the best part is after you ask to take their photo in a dimly lit bar or wherever you may be and you get to witness their reaction when you pull the film thru the rollers to start the developing process.

If you ever had anyone with any doubts or reservations about it, it would automatically disappear the moment you let them pull the Positive off of the negative. For a decade now, we’ve all converted to iPhone cameras and resorting to seeing photos on our screens. This was reminiscent of a previous era, this was tactile, it was instant, and it was impactful.

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This project carried me throughout an entire year, the camera came with me everywhere and instead of hoarding film to never be shot, I got to spend an entire year saying goodbye to my favorite film. It was a celebration of the medium, not a mourning of the discontinuation.

Photography is meant to tell stories, to be an expression of oneself, and it’s supposed to be interactive. A bond between the photographer and the subject. A captured moment encapsulated in a print.

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It’s not easy to shoot a 365, there were several days where for whatever reason it was 11:30 at night, and I hadn’t touched my camera, any creative person can tell you that it’s tough to manufacture creativity at a moment’s notice.

I also ran out of all preconceived ideas by mid February, leaving me about 10 months of just improvising, but I learned a lot about taking selfies, following up whatever weird concept or idea that filled my head during the day.

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Most importantly, the amount of friends, new and old that joined me on this journey was the most rewarding part of the entire project. I got to document an entire year, I have a memory of each specific day. The amount of interesting and continued friendships that began because of a simple photograph is staggering and I want to share these photos with anyone who wants to know a lot about me.

This is it. I’ve posted the entire project on my site, for the first time. Click here to see my Instant 365 project.

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