Cassie Cook  “In the last several months since I hired Michael I have seen a significant increase in inquiries and I have watched my site jump up in Google’s search rankings. He’s also directed me and given me a more clear vision for myself, my style, and my brand and has helped me to market myself to my ideal clientele. I have witnessed first hand that here are some things on the business side of photography that you can do yourself, but hiring a professional to guide you through this can significantly help you in the long run. Investing in your business is imperative, and I believe that investing in a marketing consultant is a worthwhile investment. If you are struggling with this whole SEO thing (like most of us are, honestly. Not even going to act like it isn’t confusing.) He can help you one-on-one not only make your site accessible and rich in SEO, but help you break down your workflow, brand, and what may be potentially holding you back. He can truly help you build a good foundation for your business and teach you how to business long term and how to stop making your life way harder than it has to be.”

Twyla Jones said “I can’t say enough about how helpful Michael has been! He went above and beyond to make thoughtful recommendations about how to improve my business. I was inspired with new and unique ideas just by speaking with him.”