The very first thing I asked Taylor was if she wanted to shoot something around town or if she wanted to do something different and something epic, without hesitation she replied she wanted to do something epic. I knew right then and there that she would be up for anything as long as it made the pictures better.

I pitched the idea of going to Petit Jean State Park which was about 2.5 hours outside of Memphis and we set a date to make the trek out. The day before we had planned to go, the Mid-South received it’s only snow of the year, and made us tentative about hitting the roads. While it wasn’t much, it doesn’t take anything to shut down southerners in the winter.

Cassie, Taylor, and I headed out and got to Petit Jean relatively early. The sky was clear, and there was practically no wind, which made the cold bearable at least to me (I was in a winter coat, Taylor had the hard job of wearing these dresses)


After a few of the shorter loop hikes around the ridge of the valley, we stopped for lunch at Mather’s Lodge and then headed down to Cedar Falls. It was one of the very first waterfalls I had seen last year, and the first one I took Cassie too. Taylor hadn’t hiked to a waterfall before and it was amazing seeing her reaction to seeing it as we rounded the bend.

I had never seen Cedar Falls like this before, there were icicles along the waterfall and it was absolutely beautiful. This place is truly different and equally amazing at all times of the year, making it a great hike for all seasons.

I loved shooting on this day, and had a blast shooting Taylor. One of the things I enjoy most about photography is the opportunity to do something different, and to find people willing to go past the easy stuff for a photo. This is just one example of how being fearless and going after the photo we set out to take, is worth every second.