Evergreen content is most often used to describe certain kinds of stories, because of their topic, are always of interest to readers. It’s perpetually relevant and will continue to bring you traffic all year round. Green is a color that denotes something new and fresh and ever indicates that it will stay that way for a long time. This content can help deliver traffic to your website, bring in leads, and hold a valuable position in search engine rankings – for years from when it was first published.

For photographers, blogging usually consists of showcasing your shoots and wedding posts, which is fantastic but the useful shelf-life of a post like that is only a few weeks, with the majority of the traffic occurring in the first 72 hours of it being posted. If you’re wanting to have great search engine results, having some evergreen content is a great way to have great performing content for months to come.

Here are some effective tips on how to create Evergreen Content:

  • Answering Frequently Asked Questions on a topic that you are an expert on
  • Provide industry tips, how to’s or professional advice
  • Explain common concepts in your industry
  • Make sure to include important keywords that you would like to be ranked for
  • Make lists, give people easy to remember tips and tricks for easy comprehension.

Find ways to inform and educate, and you’ll see your content thrive and persist for a long time.