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The Call to Action

The number one problem I see photographer’s face is that they never seem to generate enough inquiries and leads to keep them booked and continually shooting. They’ll get a shoot or two, then there will be a gap until the next client comes calling. What’s going wrong? The pictures are looking great, but I still don’t have many clients!

You need to create a Call to Action when you’re posting your photos. The Call to Action is the final instruction to your audience that lets them know the singular thing you want them to do. Consider it a no obligation statement that removes or reduces the risk of them getting to know about your product or services.

Facebook builds them in with their ads and “Learn More”, but you should build in a Call to Action on your photography posts to let people know that you’re available to book and there’s a great reason why they should contact you!

In today’s world, we’re bombarded with photos and ads all day long. The average person will see 5,000 forms of advertisements in their normal day, just showing a great photo isn’t good enough. Even if it’s the best photo they see all day, once they leave your page or your Instagram feed, what entices them to come back or remember it?

So here’s some tips on how to INCREASE your engagement with your audience and get them knocking down your door to shoot a photo of them.

  • Build an experience for them. Tell them a story about the photo and captivate your audience.
  • Focus on your Unique Selling Point. What do you do better or differently than everyone else?
  • Leverage the Urge to Belong. Let’s face it, people love to have social proof and will follow what their friends do.
  • Take Advantage of FOMO. Let them know how LIMITED your spots are and that you’re booking NOW.
  • Know your devices, don’t ask for lengthy contact forms since over 90% of web traffic comes from the phone, keep it simple and you’ll get more inquiries!

Ultimately it’s about building your tribe and getting them engaged with your work. The more engaged your tribe is, the easier the rest of this will be.

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Time-based Instagram Pods

In a lot of the photographer circles the last few months have all been about the almighty Instagram changing their formula from a linear feed to an algorithm based one. Everyone’s worrying about their engagement dropping off a cliff like Wile E. Coyote and the latest tool to boost engagement has been the Instagram Pod.

What’s a Pod you ask? In short, it’s 15 friends in a group message that let each other know when they post so that everyone can give their post some love. Want to know more? Check out this post on Rising Tide Society:

However, this honor system quickly breaks down as people post at all times of day and odds are, if you’re in one pod, you’re in 7. How are you supposed to keep up with 15 photographers posting multiple times a day in multiple groups? Eventually people stop commenting, and just post their work and disappear from their half of the commenting.

In comes my revolution, Time-based Instagram Pods. No more having to check 47 times a day cuz Chuck likes to post at all times of the day even though he never comments on my feed!

Start a pod with the clear instruction that you’re only to check it at one time a day. 9 AM and Noon are the two I’m currently doing.

I post my photo just before each time and then let my SuperPod know of the post and they’ll give it love. This is more effective since to get your photo to reach more people, it needs to let the algorithm know it’s interesting content! A high amount of comments and likes as soon as it gets posted is a surefire way to kickstart it’s engagement in the butt.

What’s working for you on Instagram? Are you in a Pod?

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Evergreen content is most often used to describe certain kinds of stories, because of their topic, are always of interest to readers. It’s perpetually relevant and will continue to bring you traffic all year round. Green is a color that denotes something new and fresh and ever indicates that it will stay that way for a long time. This content can help deliver traffic to your website, bring in leads, and hold a valuable position in search engine rankings – for years from when it was first published.

For photographers, blogging usually consists of showcasing your shoots and wedding posts, which is fantastic but the useful shelf-life of a post like that is only a few weeks, with the majority of the traffic occurring in the first 72 hours of it being posted. If you’re wanting to have great search engine results, having some evergreen content is a great way to have great performing content for months to come.

Here are some effective tips on how to create Evergreen Content:

  • Answering Frequently Asked Questions on a topic that you are an expert on
  • Provide industry tips, how to’s or professional advice
  • Explain common concepts in your industry
  • Make sure to include important keywords that you would like to be ranked for
  • Make lists, give people easy to remember tips and tricks for easy comprehension.

Find ways to inform and educate, and you’ll see your content thrive and persist for a long time.


SEO is a big deal for businesses and yet, it feels like it can be such a mystery on how to optimize your site to improve your search rankings. There are of course hundreds of small items that you’ll eventually do to your site to optimize it for search engines but there are two factors that make up a bigger piece of the pie than anything else.

Content and Links.

That’s it. I know, it seems in your face obvious, but yet still vague enough to be a headache, that’s because it is, if you’re not using it properly. If you focus your site on providing high quality and relevant content and having other reputable sites link to your content you’ll have the greatest impact on moving your search engine ranking.

Google bases it’s algorithm on a lot of things but it boils down to trust and authority.

What builds trust?

  • Relevant
  • Quality
  • Overall Experience

Add content that is relevant to the search terms you’re trying to be ranked highly on. Add content that provides the information that people are looking for. At the same time, if your posts look exactly like the competition, how do you expect to pass them in the rankings? You can’t do the same things that others are already doing to pass them. You need to create a new experience. Something that is compelling and will make people want to share your content with others.

What builds authority?

Links get treated differently, because they are still the best way to measure authority. If you’re providing better, higher quality information than others, they will link to you, and Google thinks that’s important. Links can come from other websites or from social networks, and while social networks may send more immediate traffic, they do not rank as highly as links on other websites.

Every website is working to get linked to on as many relevant, high-traffic sites as they can, because it shows that your site has something worth sharing. You should be working on improving the amount of backlinks to your site, as well as the amount of in-site linking within your own site.

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