I had an amazing time getting to shoot in this warm afternoon light a few weeks ago. Katie and Joseph are an amazing couple and I love seeing how they interact with each other. We strolled through downtown Nashville and were rewarded with some really great photos.

We found some amazing mural work and lots of great textures and shadows to play with.

Nashville Engagement Shoot

Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement Shoot Nashville Engagement ShootNashville Engagement Shoot

A Stunning Shoot at Stephen’s Gap

Hayden and Stacey came out to hike to Stephen’s Gap with Cassie and myself. They love to rock climb and hike, so we took them to one of our favorite spots. It’s a hidden gem that amazes me every time I go.

Here are a couple of photos from when they got onto the pedestal. Enjoy!

Amazing Engagement Shoot at Stephen's Gap Amazing Engagement Shoot at Stephen's Gap Amazing Engagement Shoot at Stephen's Gap Amazing Engagement Shoot at Stephen's Gap

Funky Orange Stairwell Shoot

Randomly stumbled across this amazingly orange stairwell last week so had my friend Louise come out to shoot in it. Everything was shot in a quick half hour morning shoot before work but it was so funky and unique, that I loved every bit of it. Check it out and don’t be afraid to get real weird with it.

The very first thing I asked Taylor was if she wanted to shoot something around town or if she wanted to do something different and something epic, without hesitation she replied she wanted to do something epic. I knew right then and there that she would be up for anything as long as it made the pictures better.

I pitched the idea of going to Petit Jean State Park which was about 2.5 hours outside of Memphis and we set a date to make the trek out. The day before we had planned to go, the Mid-South received it’s only snow of the year, and made us tentative about hitting the roads. While it wasn’t much, it doesn’t take anything to shut down southerners in the winter.

Cassie, Taylor, and I headed out and got to Petit Jean relatively early. The sky was clear, and there was practically no wind, which made the cold bearable at least to me (I was in a winter coat, Taylor had the hard job of wearing these dresses)


After a few of the shorter loop hikes around the ridge of the valley, we stopped for lunch at Mather’s Lodge and then headed down to Cedar Falls. It was one of the very first waterfalls I had seen last year, and the first one I took Cassie too. Taylor hadn’t hiked to a waterfall before and it was amazing seeing her reaction to seeing it as we rounded the bend.

I had never seen Cedar Falls like this before, there were icicles along the waterfall and it was absolutely beautiful. This place is truly different and equally amazing at all times of the year, making it a great hike for all seasons.

I loved shooting on this day, and had a blast shooting Taylor. One of the things I enjoy most about photography is the opportunity to do something different, and to find people willing to go past the easy stuff for a photo. This is just one example of how being fearless and going after the photo we set out to take, is worth every second.

I was sitting at home on New Year’s day and my phone beeped, there was going to be a severe fog advisory for the next morning. I immediately looked over at Cassie and told her we needed to get someone to shoot in the morning at sunrise.

Hosanna graciously was available on last minute notice and came over before sunrise to get ready. We drove to the spot but it still required walking about a quarter mile down a road that was quite muddy due to the recent rains we had. We trudged through and while the fog mostly lifted, we reached the location that I’ve had in my mind for this red dress.

Being a memphis wedding photographer, i’m always looking for unique spots and places to shoot captivating photos. I love capturing moments, the split second that gets captured for perpetuity.

100 Portraits. 100 Days.

My goal is to publish 100 different portraits in the first 100 days of 2017. That’s January 1st to April 10th.

That’s it. There are no rules beyond I need to publish something everyday. When I can I’d like to add a quote or story from the subject so people can get to know them better.

I’ll be posting them daily on Instagram and Facebook, but I’ll do my best to recap them here in batches on my site. In all of the different things I’ve photographed over the last 10 years, the thing that draws me to my camera, that keeps me coming back to shooting are the people. I’m a portrait photographer. I don’t take great landscapes, I don’t have an eye for still life photography… I take pictures of people.

I create bonds with people through my camera.

It’s what pushes me to continue to grow and change into a better photographer and a better person.


“There is a French phrase that has always drawn my attention to it. There isn’t a phrase like it in English. It’s dark, but beautiful to me.

You know that feeling you get when you’re on top of a building or on a bridge and you wonder “what would it be like to jump?”. You don’t actually want to die, but you want to jump. Experience something new/different. Feel it.

The phrase is: l’appel du vide.

It translates to ” the call of the void ”

I don’t know why, but I find it hauntingly beautiful and fascinating.”


My last (favorite) memorable interaction with someone else would be with Jamie when we’re in the PNW. It was one of the happiest times in my life. A part from an amazing trip.. She took me on my first REAL hike on what we call now the magical mountain. Where we couldn’t see THING. It was raining, cold, and FOGGY. You couldn’t see but a few feet ahead.

Naturally, we made the most of it and just took in the nature and acted goofy as hell. We got to the top and realized there wasn’t a single person on this ENTIRE mountain with us. No one passed us, no one came up behind us. No cars in the parking lot. Just 2 small girls spinning in circles and singing songs from the sound of music on top of this mountain in the furthest west corner of the United States.

On the way down, the clouds parted! We could see! and WHOA! all THIS was out here the whole time?! Just mountains and trees and rays of sun gleaming all around. so beautiful! unrealistic! Once we got to the car the sun was setting and we started the drive down. All the clouds had dispersed and the fullest, brightest moon you could ever see was out. The sky was this majestic blue. We played our favorite and most fitting playlist for this type of weather.

The twilight playlist.

That music is just so perfect for nature! With the brightest light from the moon i’ve ever seen bouncing off the wet street, the trees spiraling around us (slowly) and clair de lune playing. We didn’t speak for what seemed forever. Just gasping from what was happening. and Jamie slammed on the brakes (we were only going like 5mph haha), got out of the car and stared at the moon and i got out and stood right beside her and she looked at me with the giddiest smile and said “I’ve never felt this happy in my whole entire life. Our friendship is at a whole new level now. One i never knew even existed” and she was right. The bond we have is something I have never felt with anyone else. a love for a someone who truly is your best friend. brought to its fullest strength by one magical mountain


“Live! Live the wonderful life that is in you! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations. Be afraid of nothing.” -Oscar Wilde
This is it. The time to throw myself, into art, into music, into passion. I’ve been observing and thinking and learning, and now it is the time for doing. I am ready to love deeper and to grow.
There is bravery and boldness all around me, and I find courage in seeing it flourish in the people that work hard.
So here is to embracing experiences and opportunities, and to welcoming the terrifying changes that are inevitable with growth.

Retrospective – Instant365

instant365<record scratch>

You’re probably wondering how I got here…

It all started in 2013 when Fuji announced that they were going to be discontinuing production on their FP-3000b instant film that I loved. I didn’t know at the time what I was going to do, but I had to do something, after buying a crate of it I decided to attempt my first ever 365 project with my take being that I was going to be shooting it all with Instant film.

There’s this special phenomenon I encountered with this film and my big boxy Mamiya Universal that I have never experienced on such a frequency before. When you carry around this giant camera for a year, people are intrigued and curious. By far the best part is after you ask to take their photo in a dimly lit bar or wherever you may be and you get to witness their reaction when you pull the film thru the rollers to start the developing process.

If you ever had anyone with any doubts or reservations about it, it would automatically disappear the moment you let them pull the Positive off of the negative. For a decade now, we’ve all converted to iPhone cameras and resorting to seeing photos on our screens. This was reminiscent of a previous era, this was tactile, it was instant, and it was impactful.

instant049instant171 instant157 instant145 instant147 instant110 instant238 instant318 instant319

This project carried me throughout an entire year, the camera came with me everywhere and instead of hoarding film to never be shot, I got to spend an entire year saying goodbye to my favorite film. It was a celebration of the medium, not a mourning of the discontinuation.

Photography is meant to tell stories, to be an expression of oneself, and it’s supposed to be interactive. A bond between the photographer and the subject. A captured moment encapsulated in a print.

instant334 instant351 instant362 instant217

It’s not easy to shoot a 365, there were several days where for whatever reason it was 11:30 at night, and I hadn’t touched my camera, any creative person can tell you that it’s tough to manufacture creativity at a moment’s notice.

I also ran out of all preconceived ideas by mid February, leaving me about 10 months of just improvising, but I learned a lot about taking selfies, following up whatever weird concept or idea that filled my head during the day.

instant223 instant174 instant134 instant056

Most importantly, the amount of friends, new and old that joined me on this journey was the most rewarding part of the entire project. I got to document an entire year, I have a memory of each specific day. The amount of interesting and continued friendships that began because of a simple photograph is staggering and I want to share these photos with anyone who wants to know a lot about me.

This is it. I’ve posted the entire project on my site, for the first time. Click here to see my Instant 365 project.

Comment below and let me know if you have any favorites.


I had a great time shooting photos of Rob and Brittany this weekend. They are the kind of couple that can run (and both finish in the Top 10) an 8-mile race in the morning and clean up as amazing as they did for their engagement photos.

One of the things that they do together is cycling, so after we shot some photos, they changed into their kits to get some photos on their bikes since they’re doing that every weekend together.
robbrittany-shelby-farms-engagement-photos-cycling-4 robbrittany-shelby-farms-engagement-photos-cycling-3 robbrittany-shelby-farms-engagement-photos-cycling-2 robbrittany-shelby-farms-engagement-photos-cycling-1 robbrittany-shelby-farms-engagement-photos-cycling-6

Testing_Canon 5d Mark IV_Portrait photography_Memphis

A few weeks ago I received my new Canon 5D Mark IV and then I got the unfortunate task of having a lot of work to do at my day job. So, after a quick 70 hour work week, I met up with my friend Tabitha to put my new camera to use before the winter weather was upon us. We shot around Downtown Memphis and the low light performance on this camera is amazing.

Being a Memphis Portrait Photographer, it’s great to have a camera that I can use in low light situations, and turn any streetlight into enough light to get a great portrait. Here’s a few from our shoot.

Testing_Canon 5d Mark IV_Portrait photography_Memphis

Tabitha in Downtown Memphis, TN 2016

Testing_Canon 5d Mark IV_Portrait photography_Memphis

Tabitha in Downtown Memphis, TN 2016

Testing_Canon 5d Mark IV_Portrait photography_Memphis

Tabitha in Downtown Memphis, TN 2016

Testing_Canon 5d Mark IV_Portrait photography_Memphis

Tabitha in Downtown Memphis, TN 2016

Testing_Canon 5d Mark IV_Portrait photography_Memphis

Tabitha in Downtown Memphis, TN 2016

Testing_Canon 5d Mark IV_Portrait photography_Memphis

Tabitha in Downtown Memphis, TN 2016

Testing_Canon 5d Mark IV_Portrait photography_Memphis

Tabitha in Downtown Memphis, TN 2016

Testing_Canon 5d Mark IV_Portrait photography_Memphis

Tabitha in Downtown Memphis, TN 2016

Widelux Wednesday – Sept 28

Memphis Engagement Photography Widelux Shane and Becky

I met Shane when I was almost 4 years old, I moved in next door to him. We quickly became best friends and did everything together. When I had my first girlfriend, she had a friend Becky, who Shane dated briefly in High School. After not seeing each other for 10 years, they reconnected a couple of years ago and have been together ever since. Shane invited me along to capture his proposal to his High School sweetheart, even after all of these years.

I can’t wait to see these two get married.

Memphis Engagement Photography Widelux Shane and Becky

Red Ball Project Widelux Memphis Photography

The Red Ball Project came to Memphis back in May and I was fortunate enough to get a few photos while it was here. It’s a really unique and fun project, that I loved taking photographs of.

Memphis Band Photography Avon Dale Widelux

The band Avon Dale hired me to shoot a few photos for their new music coming out soon, and I knew I had to shoot some great shots for these guys to live up to their musical talent. It’s such an authentic sound, I can’t wait for the final EP to get released. Check them out and don’t miss out.